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Joining Woodborough Village Pre-school Committee


Firstly, thank you for choosing to join the Committee. It is such a rewarding role and we hope you thoroughly enjoy every part of volunteering for our wonderful Pre-school.


Please don’t be put off by the paperwork/online process, we are all here to help you work through this if you need us. 


There is a bit of reading to do and some paperwork to please sign and return.


Please read through the policies linked to at the end of this page and, complete the following paperwork.  Once complete return to the chair of Woodborough Village Pre-school Committee:



All new Committee members have to apply to Ofsted using the EY2 form to declare that we wish to be a Committee member. Ofsted then decide if each of us is individually ‘suitable’ for the role. Part of this process includes applying for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check along with joining the DBS update service. 


It is a requirement that you apply to Ofsted within two weeks of being voted on to the Committee at the AGM, so if you can please apply to Ofsted and start the process within this timeframe that would be great, thanks.


If you can please print off receipts for any payment of the DBS check including (if needed) countersigning your documents at a Post Office, this will be reimbursed to you.


Any queries or problems please let us know.

Key Policies and Documents:

We would also recommend reading the guidance about becoming a charity trustee at the charity commissions website; click here (opens in a new window)

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